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fold faq What is the meaning of "DVA Profession"?
Digital Video Archiving Profession. 

fold faq A signature got stuck in the state "In progress". I cannot reset it. What to do?
Click on "overview". Take a look at the "Processing monitoring" and make sure that all task triggers are working. If one of them is not, contact your administrator and forward her/him the error message from  the "Processing monitoring". When a task trigger has stopped, all task types handled by it will not be processed anymore, leading to several signatures piling up in the "To do" state until the task trigger is restarted.

fold faq I need to unlink a ghost from its assigned parent. How to do that?
You need to reset the ghost to the task "request video capture". In doing that the ghost is unlinked from the parent.

fold faq I have put back a signature from the task "check digitization" in the first task "request video capture" and proceeded to the second task "video capture". Do I need to capture again?
No. The capture file is still there. Still you need to export the video again. You can use VirtualDub's joblist to reload the settings of the already finished export and start it again. The signature will undergo the whole workflow process until it lands in the task "check digitization".

fold faq During the video capture process VirtualDub recorded dropped/inserted frames.
An operator needs to monitor during and after the capture process if dropped/inserted frames have occured. If this happens your capture file is not suitable for archiving. You need to find out the reason for this to make sure that following capture processes are not hindered by this problem.

fold faq During the task "check digitization" I have found defects of the video. What to do now?
First of all you need to find out the source of those problems. They could for example be caused by dirt, by an irreparable defect of the tape - or even by errors in the signal chain.
A general way of avoiding unnecessary investigation is to use tape cleaning machines. Just clean every tape before beginning the capture process.
If you don't have access to such a machine you will have to cope with dirt/dust differently. In order to find out if the problem is caused by dirt/dust you need to capture the tape again and compare it with the first capture file. If the same problem exists at the same point in time of the tape it is very likely that this is caused by a defect of the tape. If the second capture does not show the same problem the cause is likely to be dirt/dust.
If you have problems with dirty/dusty tapes you need to monitor if the defects of captured videos do increase over time. This could be a sign that your tape recorder has been polluted by the replayed tapes. If this is the case you need to clean your replayer.

fold faq I need to put back a signature to a previous task but it is now in an automated task in the state "In progress".
A signature can only be resetted and put back to a previous task if it is in the state "To Do" of a task. You cannot reset it when it is "In progress". Wait until the signature lands in the following task in "To Do". There is a time frame before the signature will go "In progress" in an automated task. Select the signature as soon as it appears in "To Do" of the next frame, reset it and put it back to the task you need.

fold faq I want to reset a signature but the button does not work.
This is because of the rule that a ghost can never outrun his parent in the workflow. Make sure to always reset ghosts prior to their parent.

fold faq I want to finalize/accept a signature but the button does not work.
This is because of the rule that a ghost can never outrun its parent in the workflow. If you cannot finalize/accept a signature it is usually a ghost with a parent that either is in the same state of the task as its ghost or has not moved on to the next task. Always accept and finalize a parent first.

fold faq I want to delete a ghost signature from the workflow. How to do that?
Ghost signatures can only be deleted if they are unlinked from their parent first. The linking of a ghost to its parents happens in the first task "request video capture". You need to reset the ghost to this task. Then open the "Admin" page by clicking on it in the right top corner. Listed as additional option you find "Remove entry". Make sure that you have selected the right signature (by clicking on it). Press "Delete".

fold faq I made a mistake with the export of the video file. What to do?
Delete the minute files from the "03-capture_export" in the workflow. Then reset the signature to the task "capture export".  You will find that the capture file still exists. You do not have to repeat the capture process. Open the capture file and restart the export.

fold faq There are still folders on an ingest machine of a signature that has already left the workflow.
This can happen when a signature has been accepted, reset and accepted again on more than one workstation in the task "video capture". In this case the task "clean up" can only touch and delete the files that are located on the latter workstation. The files on the first workstation will remain and must be deleted manually in the file structure of the workflow.

It is already planned to improve this behavior in future versions of DVA-Profession.

fold faq All signatures that were finalized in the task "check digitization" went on error in the task "clean up" and the error message says: "Failed to remove 'vx-04562_01' from the workflow."?
This is a currently known issue, caused by a problem regarding the way some files on the Windows' clients are created, which leads to the creation of so called "cifs"-files. Those "cifs"-files can sometimes not be deleted and therefore prevent the task "clean up" from doing its job.
In order to solve the problem you have to delete the "cifs"-file manually in the file structure of "DVA-Profession". Open the explorer and doubleclick on the "video" disk, then "03_capture_export" and now open the folder of the signature concerned. Delete the "cifs"-file. If you get a message that you are not allowed to delete it you have to restart the pc. After the restart you will be able to delete the "cifs"-file. This problem usually affects a number of signatures. In order to delete all the "cifs"-file in the file "03_capture_export" use windows' search option, type in "cifs" and delete all the listed files. Now that the "cifs"-files are history reset all the signatures which are in error in the task "clean up". An easy way is to use the "Overview" to reset all the signatures.

fold faq The "error monitoring" changed its color to red and it shows a signature to be on error. What do I do?
Click on the number of the "error monitoring". Now the overview will be displayed where you can easily find out in which task the error happened. Go to the task by using the "task"-drop-down menu. Click on the signature that is in error. Select the action "workflow process". The task where the problem happened is marked red in the workflow sheet. Click on the name of the red marked task. Read the error message. As soon as the cause of the problem is eliminated reset the signature by selecting it and pressing the "R"-button. If the task is a manual one you need to accept the signature again by selecting it and pressing the "Accept"-button. If it is an automatic task it will accept it automatically.

fold faq I've imported the wrong signature. How do I remove the signature from the workflow?
Click on the signature you wish to delete and open the "Admin" page. There you find the action "Remove entry". Make sure you selected the signature you want to delete!
Remember that this action permanently removes all the files of the given signature from the whole workflow.
In order to be able to delete a signature it must be in the state "To Do" and there must not be any ghosts/parents attached to it. Unlinking ghosts/parents is done by resetting the signature to the task "request video capture".

fold faq How can I adjust the GUI layout?
Open the "Admin" page and then select "GUI layout". Pull the frameset borders the way you want them and then press the "save" button. These settings are stored in browser cookies and can therefore individually be configured separately for each workstation and user.

fold faq I've accepted a signature in the task "video capture" on the wrong workstation. What to do now?
Reset the task and accept it on the right workstation. Manually delete the folders on the wrong ingest machine, that are related to the affected signature. They are located within the DVA-Profession workflow folder structure.

fold faq How can I adjust the number of thumbnails displayed in the "minute view" and the "scene cuts" actions of the task "check digitization".
Expert: Marion Jaks
Open the "Admin" page and use the user interface configuration options ("Thumbnails per row", "Rows per page", etc).

fold faq Where exactly do I have to place the input/output-marker after capturing a video with a few segments (more than one content)?
Expert: Marion Jaks
In order not to lose/add a frame use the output-marker of the first segment as the input-marker of the second segment.

fold faq I've accepted a task for capture, but no output folder shows up on the ingest client?
Expert: Peter Bubestinger
Make sure that you have configured the right workstation name on the ingest machine that you have "accepted" the "video capture" task on. The folders for "video capture" and "capture export" are created when you accept a signature for the task "video capture" on that workstation that you are currently working on.

fold faq I can't open videos from a certain workstation, which are located on another computer. I get an error message, saying that the file could not be found - but I know it exists!
Expert: Peter Bubestinger
Mostly this error is caused by connection/authorization issues. Please make sure that you can access the workstation the videos are located on from the workstation you're trying to open it on.
Easiest way to check this is to open the video directly (e.g. by using a file explorer).

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